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I've been MIA on the social media world for quite a while because I've been busy making things happen in my real earthly life. I welcomed myself to the corporate world - Hello BPO! This practically means a lot of stress, adjustments and workload. I'd like to think that I handled it all like a superwoman and exceeded - not just the expectations of others, but also my expectations for myself. 

A few things I've learned: Be thankful, always do your best and stay humble. These experiences and learnings are just the beginning for me; I still have a lot to go through in life - a lot more winning and a whole lot more of losing. Well that's what makes it worth living, right? So bring it on! (^_^)

These photos were taken months ago by my talented and famous friend Nick Pahati. Just take this as a way of making it up to you, our dear readers, for not posting for months. Sorry guys, I hope you forgive me. *puppy eyes* LOL

I've been sharing my OOTDs on my Instagram account, so if you wish to see me on your feed on a regular basis, please do hit the "follow" button. *Maka-promote lang! Haha!* 

Hope you liked the photos! Let me know your thoughts, comment down below! :)

Photography and Postprocessing: Nick Pahati




F&F x Curls & Twirls: BIG Kawaii Giveaway!

We apologize for being MIA in the blogosphere for months already. My sister and I are having a hard time juggling work, personal life, and blogging altogether. I guess that's just the way it is, the demands of work just eat up most of our free time. Well,  enough of the rants. Here's something to cheer up for, our dear readers, and to make it up to all of you as well. Consider this as a peace offering. Hahaha!

In celebration of Curls & Twirls' launching of their official website, we teamed up with them to give you the BIGGEST Kawaii Giveaway! Brace yourselves for the overflowing cuteness of prizes that you can all win!

1.) Kawaii kitty hat w/ pompoms || Hatah! Hatah!
2.) Glam ear cuff w/ matching stud || Curls & Twirls
3.) Firebolt necklace (Harry Potter) || Fandom Trinkets
4.) Handmade napkin buddy purse 
|| Curls & Twirls
5.) iPhone home button sticker set 
|| Curls & Twirls
6.) The Fault in Our Stars couple rings 
|| Fandom Trinkets
7.) Frozen-inspired bottle cap keychain (Let It Go!) 
|| Hodge Podge
8.) Frozen-inspired bottle cap pen (Snowflake) 
|| Hodge Podge
9.) Dean Winchester's necklace (Supernatural) 
|| Fandom Trinkets
10.) Handmade Pokeball plushie (Pokemon) 
|| Olive Cubes
11.) Kawaii lens case || GWYSHOP
12.) Handmade angel wings || Hatah! Hatah!
13.) Handmade kitty pals bag charm || The Keybie Cafe
14.) Handmade bottled Oreos necklace || Pandora's Box
15.) Handmade cat ear clips || For Isabela
16.) Kawaii mimi headband || Gyaru Shoppe
17.) Kawaii mimi headband || Gyaru Shoppe
18.) Crystal lens set w/ solution and case || GWYSHOP
19.) Geeky glass frames || Curls & Twirls
20.) False eyelashes (1 pair) || GWYSHOP
21.) Shooting star bottle cap necklace 
|| Hodge Podge
22.) Nestle Aero - Green Tea 12's 
|| Tokyo Sweets PH 
23.) 20% OFF discount coupon || Curls & Twirls

1.) Sailor Chibi Moon hat w/ pompoms || Hatah! Hatah!
2.) Glam ear cuff w/ matching stud || Curls & Twirls
3.) Deathly Hallows necklace (Harry Potter) || Fandom Trinkets
4.) Handmade napkin buddy purse 
|| Curls & Twirls
5.) iPhone home button sticker set 
|| Curls & Twirls
6.) Handmade Master Ball plushie (Pokemon) || Olive Cubes

The Fault in Our Stars mismatched earring studs|| Fandom Trinkets
8.) Snow White bottle cap keychain 
|| Hodge Podge
9.) Sakura bottle cap pen || Hodge Podge

10.) Mini devil horn clips || For Isabela

11.) Doraemon ear buds w/ winder || Curls & Twirls
12.) Handmade macaron cluster phone charm || The Keybie Cafe
13.) Pentagram necklace (Supernatural) || Fandom Trinkets
14.) Handmade bottled macarons necklace || Pandora's Box
15.) Kawaii mimi headband || Gyaru Shoppe
16.) Kawaii mimi headband || Gyaru Shoppe
17.) Handmade dark angel wings || Hatah! Hatah!

18.) Camera bottle cap necklace || Hodge Podge
19.) False lower lashes (2 pairs) || GWYSHOP
20.) False eyelashes (2 pairs) || GWYSHOP
21.) Premium! False eyelashes (3 pairs) || GWYSHOP

22.) Japanese Kit Kat - Vanilla Bean 12's 
|| Tokyo Sweets PH 
23.) 20% OFF discount coupon || Curls & Twirls 

1.) Riveel eyeshadow compact || GWYSHOP
2.) Bacon & egg twin bottle cap keychain || Hodge Podge
3.) Kawaii blue birdie hat w/ pompoms || Hatah! Hatah!
4.) Riveel liquid foundation || GWYSHOP

5.) The Ring necklace (Lord of the Rings) || Fandom Trinkets

6.) Afro Ken bottle cap pen || Hodge Podge

7.) Lego brick bottle cap necklace || Hodge Podge

8.) Japanese Kit Kat - Dark Chocolate 12's || Tokyo Sweets PH

9.) Japanese Kit Kat - Strawberry 12's || Tokyo Sweets PH
10.) 20% OFF discount coupon || Curls & Twirls

But wait, there's more! A 10% OFF coupon will also be given to 10 other participants as consolation prizes. The best part is, this giveaway is open WORLDWIDE and will run from July 20, 2014 at 8:00 pm (GMT +8) - September 20, 2014 at 11:59 pm (GMT +8).

I personally want every bit of these adorable prizes! Can't wait to join? Follow the giveaway mechanics HERE.

Best of luck everyone! 




Wind and Sea

Have you ever experienced something that is totally unplanned or unexpected? This kind of experience might have taken you aback. But you have to admit that sometimes, those spontaneous events can be very exciting and unforgettable. As much as I like things to be always sorted out, I have the tendency to just somehow go with the flow and wing it. I think it's important for a person to know when to plan things beforehand or simply opting to just let it be on the spur of the moment. 

Take for example this shoot that I've done months ago with my blogger friend Jamie and my newfound photographer friend Paul. It's been so long that we wanted this collab but Jamie and I didn't have any idea about the location. We knew it's at a lovely place but it never crossed our mind that we're gonna be risking our blogger lives! Haha! For the love of blogging!

This was taken on an island in Pasacao. I wouldn't go into detail but I tell you, we sacrificed blood and sweat (literally) before reaching our very location. This is by far the most challenging shoot I've done for the blog. But despite all the series of unfortunate events, we felt so relieved and fulfilled with the outcome of the shoot. I mean look at these photos! Aren't they lovely? 

Thank you so much for the magical (bleeding) hands of Paul! Haha! I commend Paul for being  so professional and cool enough to continue with the shoot even after the minor accident he had. 

You see, not all unplanned events turn into chaos. Well there could be some setbacks along the way but don't let these things stop you from achieving your goals. I dare you to experience things outside your comfort zone. Go out and make the best out of life! It's a big world out there and we are young. Might as well take risks and make beautiful memories!

Express your thoughts on the comment box below. And watch out for my second set of photos with THE Paul Echano



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