Finally came up with something to write - there's so much going on in my life and I just wanted to share with you one thing I learned: "If someone doubts your capabilities, prove them wrong." That's your sweetest revenge.

If you know your strengths and weaknesses, you won't mind people telling you what you can and what you cannot. You yourself is the best judge for everything you do. Turn your weaknesses into strengths and if you fail, there's nothing wrong with that - with failing, you learn and if the same thing happens again at least you know what to do.

No one gets it right on the first try - remember that. There are so many things to learn and that's what life is about, you live to learn. The moment you stop learning is the moment you choose to simply exist and not really live.

So cheers to the people who stuck around amidst the mistakes you've made! Cheers to those who truly believe in you and to those who continue to inspire you! They are the ones worth keeping. ❤  

I hope you liked this post (which, by the way, has been sitting in my drafts for so long - still working on my backlogs. Haha). Love you guys! Follow me on IG: @francesclaudine. Have a great week ahead! (•‿•)

Photography and Postprocessing: Nick Pahati




'The Queen Awakens' for 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Going to make this quick - sharing with you this fantasy shoot I had with Nick as a welcome post for 2015! I am thankful for the great year we had and I'm looking forward to share with you my thoughts and stories in this blog for the year 2015.

Thank you very much for the support you gave to this blog (even thou I rarely update it now). Cheers to the collaborations, photoshoots, meeting new friends and many unforgettable memories made possible by the world of blogging! Thank you very much! Let's face 2015 again, together! 

Photography and Postprocessing: Nick Pahati




SM Youth Loves A-Fash

As I have previously shared here, SM Youth invited A-Fash to be part of the #SMYouthRoadTrip. In celebration of the Pe├▒afrancia Festival, SM Youth visited Naga to bring out the youth spirit through rad clothing!

SM Youth features lifestyle brands such as Tee Culture, Markus, Tank, Character Tees, Tribal, Jag Thug, Lee Pipes, Ego Jeans, Fubu, Fresh Gear, Dickies Tykes, Vans, Bum, BNY, Zoo York and Many more! Having been a part of this HUGE project was such an honor for us.

 From September 12 up until September 21, the ├╝ber cool SM Youth Bus stationed at SM City Naga to bring their shirts for the youth and youth-at-heart. Who wouldn't want to take a look inside this bus? So enticing, isn't it? Haha! And mind you, the shirts are cheap - you can buy a statement graphic shirt for only P150! Of course I didn't let this opportunity go, I bought three shirts! (•‿•)

A week before the event, we picked clothes that we would want to style from the SM Youth brands. I choose two tops from Tee Culture. The first one is this floral tank top that I'm wearing here and the other one is a jersey top that I would be blogging about separately.

A mini fashion show was held on the 19th to showcase our styling for Tee Culture. Ateneo Dance Club also had a special dance performance for the audience. It was actually a fun bonding time again with my A-Fash family. 

Oh how I missed these ladies! Pioneer batch represent! (•‿•)

The event also served as our get-together, it's great having friends you can instantly relate with. Bonding ulit guys!

Thank you to everyone who dropped by to shop and watch us! And of course thank you so much to the SM Youth team - Ms. Yeng, Alex and Bjorn, for having us! What a great opportunity - til next time!

What I wore: floral tank top: Tee Culture; denim durangee and wrap-around long sleeves; thrifted

 Read more about the #SMYouthRoadTrip Naga HERE.

Shop from the SM Youth brands at the Boys Teens' Wear area of any SM Store now!

Like SM-Youth.com on Facebook and follow @SM_Youth on IG and Twitter for their updates.

Photos are from Paul Echano and Jamie Lou Borile
Thank you also to Nick Pahati for post-processing some of the photos.   



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