Big Day

Finally sharing with you my big day! I've constantly updated you on my graduation-serye on this blog and this post is its last episode. I'll be sharing with you some snapshots where one of the highlights is my graduation dress. 

That's me with my thesis partner, Mayie; aside from graduating as Cum Laude, we are also so grateful because our paper was chosen as our department's Best Thesis. I also shared my thesis journey here and I'm very happy that all our hardwork has paid off! To God be the glory! 

My best of friends - Ava, Mayie and Abby. 

Papa was the one who accompanied me during the processional. I owe a lot to this man. Love you Pa!

Yay! Finally receiving my diploma. All smiles! 

My whole family was there! Tete even took an office leave just to be present on my graduation. 

Now for my outfit . . . .

dress, People are People

I bought this dress months before the graduation (that's how excited I was.) Haha! 

earrings, Forever 21

I wanted a unique dress so it was really a struggle to look for one. When I saw this one, I definitely fell in love with it because I know that the black and white lines will make an illusion of body curves. Haha! Achieve ba?

The leather lining, together with the waist cut-out, gives the dress an edgy-slash-sexy touch to it. 

I paired it with my classy heels plus minimal accessories and tadah - I'm good to go. 

watch, Swatch

Hope you loved this post. Comment below please? :)

P. S. I already have a job! I guess it would take a lot of my time and energy but I'll try to blog on weekends for you guys!

(c) Angel Anne Llanzana





I'm still on that phase where I can't believe I already graduated from college. Oh why does time seem to go so fast?  I wanna keep you in the loop on my joyous days so I'm sharing this post and of course my outfit! ❤  

These snapshots were taken during the Baccalaureate Mass which was scheduled a day before the graduation ceremony. Say hello to my college friends; I couldn't have survived college without them! ❤  

We had lunch together after the mass. Look at us, we were real ravenous but for the sake of preserving memories, we flashed our biggest smiles for a lovely photo. I think this is one definition of our generation - photo first before food and I'm not quite sure if that's a good thing or a bad one. ☺ 

After our lunch date, I grabbed the opportunity to have my outfit photos taken. Sayang naman diba? 

Thank you so much for my Tito Paul for this scene-stealer dress! I just love the balance of sexiness with the peek-a-boo cut-outs and sophistication with the skirt's length. I really felt overdressed and overprepared that day (which is something normal for me, haha). I think I deserve a pat on the back for doing my make-up for a 7AM mass. You can just guess how early I woke up! (•‿•)

dress, XOXO; peep-toe heels, Zara

Watch out for next week's graduation and outfit post! Thank you so much AA for taking these photos! 

Photography: Angel Anne Llanzana




Love Birds

I don't really have much to say at the moment; maybe this is because of so many positive feelings I'm experiencing right now that words won't suffice how genuinely thankful I am for everything that has been happening in my life.  In a nutshell though, it's primarily because of our upcoming graduation.

Here's a quick outfit post for you lovies! Black is the new black. Black is irreplaceable and I could tell you countless ways why black is the best shade when it comes to style and class. Now printed black is kicking it up a notch. In my outfit here, the birds depict the carefree and sassy me. ❤  

hat, gift; little black dress, thrifted; moccasins, Tomato, satchel bag, ABKD

Can you believe this dress is thrifted? More so, can you believe I got it for only Php30? Such a steal!

bracelets, Sassy Pink Shoppe iDesign by Juvybee

Thank you so much Aa for taking my outfit shots. *hugs*

Hope you like my all black get-up. Comments are loved. Write your thoughts about this post below! ❤ 

(c) Angel Anne Llanzana



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