Keeping it Plain

I've been working my butt off. And finally I found time to type this down and share these lovely photos with you guys. I've always wanted to have an all white outfit for a shoot. It spells fresh vibe and elegance all over!
I loved our location during this shoot as well as how the photos turned out. Of course these are again taken by the magical hands of my good friend, Nick Pahati. As you might have noticed, most of my recent posts were taken by him since we almost always spontaneously have fun shoots together for no apparent reason. Well actually, there's one big reason behind stuff like these - it's simply our passion.
high-waisted shorts: Thrifting Treasures; kitten heels: Zalora
Shoutout to my sister who inadvertently left this top at home when she went back to Manila. I did not remind her about it on purpose so yeah baby, dibs on me! Haha! *evil laugh*

How do you like the photos and the outfit? Comment down below. Watch out for another set with Nick Pahati still! Hopefully I can blog about it soon!
By the way, I would like to invite you to celebrate being young together with SM Youth. The SM Youth Family is already here in Naga up until September 21 and A-Fash will be there too! Please see more details here.

Support us by using the hashtag #SMYouthLovesAFash and #SMYouthRoadTrip!




#SMYouthRoadTrip x A-Fash

 Calling all the SM Youth Naga to participate and be part of this big event!

I personally cannot hide my excitement for this!!! SM Youth will be here in Naga City to celebrate the biggest and most popular festival in the Philippines, the Pe├▒afrancia Festival. 

I invite you to visit SM Youth Bus *which is the coolest ride evah!* at the SM City Naga from September 12 until September 21. Also on September 19 from 4PM onwards, A-Fash will be there to feature the latest shirts from Tee Culture. *YEY*

Mark your calendars. The #SMYouthRoadTrip continues next week. Viva La Virgen de Penafrancia! #WeAreSMYouth

Like SM-Youth.com on Facebook and follow @SM_Youth on IG and Twitter for their updates.




On Top


I've been MIA on the social media world for quite a while because I've been busy making things happen in my real earthly life. I welcomed myself to the corporate world - Hello BPO! This practically means a lot of stress, adjustments and workload. I'd like to think that I handled it all like a superwoman and exceeded - not just the expectations of others, but also my expectations for myself. 

A few things I've learned: Be thankful, always do your best and stay humble. These experiences and learnings are just the beginning for me; I still have a lot to go through in life - a lot more winning and a whole lot more of losing. Well that's what makes it worth living, right? So bring it on! (^_^)

These photos were taken months ago by my talented and famous friend Nick Pahati. Just take this as a way of making it up to you, our dear readers, for not posting for months. Sorry guys, I hope you forgive me. *puppy eyes* LOL

I've been sharing my OOTDs on my Instagram account, so if you wish to see me on your feed on a regular basis, please do hit the "follow" button. *Maka-promote lang! Haha!* 

Hope you liked the photos! Let me know your thoughts, comment down below! :)

Photography and Postprocessing: Nick Pahati



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